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I design beautiful, easy crochet patterns that help you save money, use affordable yarns, give amazing gifts, and add relaxation and confidence to your life. 


Is Crochet Career Coaching for you? Let's talk about it! 
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Crochet Career coaching. Becom a designer


Ellen is a fantastic mentor - I was fortunate enough to have her as one myself! She cares if you succeed and goes all out to help you make it happen. Her hard-earned wisdom and professional insight have proven to be an invaluable resource. Ellen knows our field inside and out and generously shares what she knows with those she mentors - don't let this opportunity pass you by!


Brenda Bourg, Author, designer, EncouragedByDesign



Designer, author, teacher, coach, runner, mom, 

Ellen Gormley

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This is a wonderful opportunity (crochet coaching) for anyone who wants to turn their hobby into an income stream.
Ellen's combination of experience in all facets of this industry together with her sensible and empathetic personality make her the ideal mentor for people at any stage of their career. She has the answers to your questions and she knows the people you need to know. She is also just generally awesome. You couldn't ask for a better coach than Ellen."​


Sandi Rosner (Author, knit and crochet designer)



I just had a great experience! I was coached by Ellen Quatman Gormley of for the past month. And she was such a big help to me and my crochet business! I highly recommend her services!


Karen Manthey, Technical Editor, Diagram Artist, Designer.

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I am the author of Go Crochet Afghan Design Workbook, Go Crochet Skillbuilder, Learn Bruges Lace, and co-author of Crocheting Clothes Kids Love. GET FREE CROCHET VIDEOS HERE. Check out my full-length crochet skills classes HERE. 


My first design was a 3 dimensional Rubik’s Cube made of granny squares when I was ten. I can’t remember exactly who taught me to crochet but believe that it seeped into my consciousness from an early age from my mom.


I abandoned crochet as a teenager only to pick it back up again while in graduate school at the University of Cincinnati.  I was a mental health counselor for several years before my design career began. Even while counseling, I used crochet as a therapeutic tool with clients who struggled with depression and anxiety. I began my crochet design career in 2004 after stitching more than 80 afghans.  Now, I have sold more than 325 designs and been published numerous times in many crochet magazines including Interweave Crochet, Crochet Today, Crochet!, Crochet World and Inside Crochet.  I served for three years as the editor of Crochet! magazine and 5 seasons as an expert on the tv show, Knit & Crochet Now!  



When not crocheting, I enjoy reading, knitting, running, and chocolate cake. I live near Cincinnati with my husband Tom and our daughter and son.

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